Captain Peggy G.Reen's (the alter Ego from Ankathie Koi) Alien Crew from the planet Gasolina, a planet highly developed but still depending on fossil fuels, are making their journey to planet earth. Arriving in Vienna, the greenest city in the world. There they want to find out the green secrets from the Vienna public transportation service called Wiener Linien to save their home planet.

The music video is an analogy to the future that awaits mankind by depicting what is likely going to happen to planet earth if we continue to consume and exploit fossil resources.

Ankathie Koi - Peggy G.Reen is a branded content music video for the Vienna public transportation service called Wiener Linien. Which are calling up for environmental Protection.

Wiener Linien is greener than aliens.

Director: Bernhard Schießl
DP: Adrian Bidron
VFX: Formlos & Karl Schauer Dejo
Production: Kaiserschnitt Film
Agency: Traktor